Discover the new lease plan of Berquin

Thanks to our partnership with Lease a Bike, you have a brand-new company bike awaiting you. Step into your local bike store and pick what suits you best. Whether it’s a city bike, an e-bike, a mountain bike, a racing bike, a cargo bike or a speed pedelec. Since you pay for your bike with your gross salary, you can benefit from a tax advantage. You save up to 40% by leasing the bike instead of buying it.

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The benefits of a lease bike

Each type and brand of bike

Pick any type of bike at one of Lease a Bike’s 500+ locally affiliated bike stores.

Hit the road carefree

There’s no need to worry about unexpected costs. Your bike plan includes insurance, maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Local bicycle dealer network

Pick your bike at the bike store just around the corner. Get all the maintenance done there as well.

Cheaper than purchasing

A fixed low monthly rate applies during the 36-month leasing term. At the end of the contract period, you have the option to purchase the bike for about 15% of its original price.

Calculate your monthly savings here

Choose a bike type
Retail price
Gross monthly salary
I bike
km per month
My employer pays:
Service & insurance package
Till €100
Till €150
How do you pay lease costs?
Old net salary
- -
New net salary
- =
Monthly costs
Incl. Service & insurance package

Total savings
Show calculation overview
Without a lease bike
With a lease bike
Gross income
Contribution employer
Reinvestment RSZ/NSSO employer
Lease price
(Incl. Service & Insurance costs)
New gross salary
Property tax
Special contribution
Mileage allowance
Net salary
Due to the tax benefit, the monthly net costs for your lease bike are only:
Incl. Service & insurance package -
Total savings compare to private purchase?
Without a lease bike
With a lease bike
Incl. Service & Insurance costs
Estimated purchase price after 36 months
Buy the bike?
Total costs including service insurance
Total savings
-% compared to buying
This calculator is based on the latest published tax information from the Ministry of Finance. The current income tax year is used as a basis, Lease a Bike does not guarantee future changes in the tax system. This calculation is therefore indicative and may in some cases deviate from the final amount to be paid.

4 steps away from your dream bike



Use the button below to register at Lease a Bike. You will then receive a message to verify your e-mail address. Once your application has been received, the HR department will check your request. After approval you will receive a personal order code by e-mail.


Pick your bike

Go to one of the 450+ locally affiliated bike stores to pick out your bike. Have you made your choice? Give your order code to the bike dealer, who will go through a number of steps with you to enter the bike into the platform.

Please note: the bike dealer will also ask you which service and insurance package you want.


Agree with the rules

A bike plan also includes rules. These are agreements that we make with you, for example about the monthly lease price. We also make agreements in case you leave the company prematurely. All agreements and conditions are set out in an addendum that you sign digitally when you choose your bike in the bike store.


Take your bike home

If the bike store has your bike in stock, you can take it home immediately. There’s no need to worry about insurance: you are insured as soon as you enter your four-digit PIN code at the bike store. The agreed lease amount is deducted from your gross salary monthly for a period of 36 months.

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Find the answers to frequently asked questions here:

How does the gross/net benefit work?

This depends on the model the company you work for will choose. Whatever plan fits, you will always enjoy financial benefits even when the company fully facilitates and does not contribute to the lease price. You will pay the lease costs (including maintenance and insurance package) with your gross salary. Depending on your tax bracket, you will enjoy a tax advantage of at least 40% compared to a purchase. In our calculator you can calculate the costs and savings of a lease bicycle.

Can I still receive a cycling allowance?

With a lease bike in your near future you are already well on your way, but a bicycle allowance makes it complete! A company can pay a tax-free bicycle allowance up to 24 cents per cycled kilometre the employee travels commuting. There is no obligation to provide a bicycle allowance as this is separate from bicycle leasing.

What options are available for insurance and maintenance?

All contracts concluded by Lease a Bike are standard with all-risk insurance (without franchise) and 24/7 roadside assistance. You could also add a service package of choice. For example:

  1.  Basic - Covers up to €100 in repairs and maintenance per year
  2. Standard - Covers up to €150 in repairs and maintenance per year
  3. Premium - Covers all repairs and maintenance without limit
  4. Speed ​​Pedelec - Covers up to €300 in repairs and maintenance per year
What happens when the lease contract of 36 months ends?

We make you an offer to take over the bicycle for around 15% of its original. The exact amount cannot be determined in advance and depends on the final condition of the bicycle. If you are not interested in taking over the bicycle, we will take the bicycle back free of charge.